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The process to claim tax back is

As easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1- Enter your details onto the online tax calculator. 2 - We will check and E-mail you over an online application form to E-sign. 3 - Relax and wait for your tax refund.
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We can get your uniform tax refund

Claim your tax refund

and we will do all the work for you

What is a uniform?

Any distinctive clothing that you only wear for work may classed as a uniform. Regardless of your profession, everything from a T-shirt with a company logo on it, a Hi-Vis vest to nurses' tights is regarded as a uniform from a tax point of view. You cannot get uniform laundry allowance if your employer provides you with clothing (T-shirt without logo) that you could wear on a daily basic outside of work and you cannot get a tax relief for wearing your own clothes.

Uniform Tax Rebate service by Tax Boomerang

Our online service helps employees to reclaim their tax relief/tax rebate for laundering uniform, tools, equipment, specialist clothing, SIA Licence, CBR Checks, subscriptions fees and more.
There are millions of pounds of overpaid tax being unclaimed in the UK every year. 2 in 3 employees are potentially due an uniform tax refund.
Employees who wear a recognisable uniform (for example: t-shirt with logo) or protective clothing and have to wash it themselves are entitled to a tax refund. However, a vast majority of these employees are not aware of their laundry allowance entitlement.
Why do you not know about it? Many people believe that the Tax Office does include laundry tax relief and refunds overpaid tax. Sadly, this is not true and it is an individual's responsibility to claim their tax back.
Tax Boomerang offers a simple way to investigate whether you are eligible for a uniform tax refund or not. We will work for you on a "no refund, no fee" basis, therefore, there is no risk for you.
Our service is easy to use and an online application takes about a minute to complete.

What others say about us

Martha M. Masters

I could not believed when I discovered that I can claim for uniform tax rebate. My claim was dead easy and it took me just a minute to enter my details through your uniform tax calculator. I will recommend Tax Boomerang anyone who wants to claim back a uniform tax rebate

Susan, Glasgowreceived uniform tax refund of £851
Anna Vandana

Having worked for ASDA for 8 years, I knew about the uniform laundry allowance but didnt know how to claim it. It was so convenient to make a claim with your uniform tax rebate service. Thank you so much for your help in dealing with my uniform tax claim.

Josh, Manchesterreceived tax refund of £60
Maxi Milli

Thanks so much for the brilliant service in successfully processing the uniform tax refund for me. I will definitely recommend your Uniform Tax Rebate service to my work fellows.

Mark, Londonreceived tax refund of £171
Dr. Dosist

My tax refund of £489 in less than 5 weeks, superb service.

Amy, Manchesterreceived Uniform Tax Rebate of £489

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